The Toybag

This is a work in progress, of course. I have...a few things. It's a little embarrassing.


Bullseye Silicone Dildo (red) - Kitten loves the pronounced head. The silicone is on the rigid side, which means that really vigorous fucking can leave her a bit sore (she often has this problem) but also makes it easy to handle. It's a little tough to hold by hand, but I can definitely manage, and it works well in a harness.

Silk 1 Silicone Dildo (small, purple) - Good for anal play. It's small, smooth, and not terribly exciting.

O2 Niagara Silicone Dildo (twilight/purple) - The prettiest dildo I own. Longer than the "standard" dildo, but thinner, which makes it great for strap-on anal play. Also, the dual-density silicone feels heavenly, and everyone wants to put it in their mouths.
It has some design flaws - when the vibrator is removed prom the base, it makes the shaft of the dildo too floppy to use easily. Mine has half of a dead one-touch vibe inside it holding up the shaft, but that might offend purists.

Tantus Luxury Silicone Dildo (silver) - I don't believe this is being made any more. A pity. It's a pretty standard six-inch dildo, but it had some nice ridges.

Tantus Sport Silicone Dildo (silver) - Like the luxury, but smaller.

Feeldoe Double Dildo (classic, purple) - Read my review


Hitachi Magic Wand - In combination with an internal vibe, this is pretty much the only thing that can get me off. It's agonizingly strong for Kitten, though.

G-Spotter Attachment Deluxe

Nubby G (different color than the linked version) - The only battery-powered G-spot vibrator I've ever bought more than one of. It's a powerful little thing. I approve heartily. 

Gun Vibrator - A vibrator. Shaped like a gun. My inner feminist cries a little, but I use it in the context of safe and consensual sex with people who fetishize fantasy violence. It's the toy equivalent of acting out rape fantasies. Also the first toy that Kitten and I bought together.

G-Twist (old version, broken) - My favorite dildo that wasn't designed as a dildo. The motor no longer runs, but it can still make Kitten squirt.

Misc. Insertables

Don Juan Silicone Anal Toy (sold as Golden Boy, gold) - Note that this is an anal toy, not a butt plug. I've had some enjoyable times with it, but I really need to get something that will stay in a little better.

Smartballs - I gave these to Kitten as an early Christmas present. They give her a jolt of pleasure every time she moves - which makes walking around fun, and spankings extra fun.


Outlaw Leather Pretty Boi Harness

Impact Toys - Designed

5 Inch Round Lexan Paddle, 1/4" thick, from Hanson Paddle Werks - Lexan stings like crazy but tends to bruise less than other materials. Also, it's bulletproof! This is the first S&M toy I ever bought.

Dragon Tail Flogger, 3/4", black, from Toolworks Chicago - In my hands, this has a reasonably soft impact. In the Doctor's hands, it leaves nasty, bruised welts every now and then. I have very little strength in my wrists - one of the reasons I can't crack bullwhips.

Cuban Quirt, wide, from Adam and Gillian's - This is a mean piece of leather. I always forget how little effort it takes to leave bruises with this particular quirt.

Large flogger, suede, black, from Lusty Leather
 - I can't even use this at my current apartment. Too big. It's well-made and well-balanced, though. Larry of Lusty Leather actually field-tests his toys, so they work better than many of the fancier floggers. The Doctor won't buy floggers from anywhere else.

Small flogger, cowhide?, black, from Lusty Leather - Generally referred to as "the baby flogger." It doesn't back much of a sting unless I really throw my arm behind it, but it's a nice massage/warm-up toy and does a great job on sensitive places.

Frat Paddle, Tufts Christmas Pledge Formal,  '53 - The things a pervert can find in your average antique store....

Viper's Tongue? Forked Tawse?

Pink Knotted Flogger, DIY

Impact Toys - Pervertables

Quirt, from a tack shop

Sam Adams Paddle 

Ebony hairbrush

Maple serving spoon ("the mean spoon")

Cactus Body Brush

Riding Crop, short

Delrin rod

"Wood Worker" paddle 

Belt, leather

Restraints & Bondage

Wrist Restraints, "Belly Cut," from Leather Creations


Handcuffs, Double Locking

Handcuffs, Double Locking, Hinged

Spreader Bar, DIY

Collars, pink and black

Leashes, pink and black

Rope, and lots of it

Misc. Implements of Torment

Clover Clamps

Folding Knife - For cutting rope, clothes, and general knife play. Because nothing says "I love you" like the phrase, "I'm going to stab you in the cunt." I didn't of course, but it was pretty hot for both of us.

Safer Sex Supplies

Please Cream Lubricant or Liquid Silk Lubricant

Latex Gloves, drugstore brand - Essential for safer lesbian sex, butt pirates, and keeping that bit of callus on your finger from scratching someone's delicate internal membranes.
I generally don't bother with finger cots. Gloves are easier and don't slide off.

Black Latex Gloves  - Like the above, but sexier. They're more expensive, so I usually only did them out for occasions when my prey partner will be watching me pull them on.

Condoms, generally Trojans or Lifestyles - Mostly for toys, so I'm not picky. And if the men having sex with my girlfriend have condom preferences, they are more than welcome to bring their own.

Dental Dams - Kept on hand but rarely used. The girl and I are fluid-bonded, and we don't currently have any other sexual partners with female genitalia. Still, spontaneous orgies have happened before, and I like to be prepared.