Friday, March 25, 2011

The Space Between "No" and "Yes"

On my earlier post, Roadmaps of Consent, aj, asked this:

One big thing your article brought for me was a heightened awareness that "Consent" is not a one-way street -- asking requires that someone provide response. Sometimes when there is no response, or when the response is unclear, I assume consent is not present. This is the safest way to approach that. Would you mind providing more of your own insights about this??
This has actually been on my mind for some time. Good consent does go both ways. I've done things with people who wouldn't or couldn't be clear about consent, and I generally regret it.

A small clarification before I go further: in a BDSM context, "consent" is not always identical to "wanting." Some of my girl's fantasies are driven by me doing things to her that she doesn't want. She can enjoy something after the fact, and want it to happen again, but not want it in the moment. It's a masochist's dilemma. Pain is aversive, and if you get into heavy pain play, there will be a part of you that says, "ow, that hurts, make it stop!" It's just that the part that says "Yes! More! Good!" is bigger. I would never set out to do something to my girl that she hadn't consented to, but both of us enjoy it when I occasionally do things that she doesn't want.

The other side of this: people who want something but won't say "yes" when you ask about it. These are people who don't trust their own desires, who want sex or BDSM or whatever without the negotiation. At the very least, I'm nervous doing things with these people. If a person can't say "Yes, I consent," to something, how can I trust them to tell me if something goes wrong? Maybe I unexpectedly hit an emotional trigger, or maybe I'm poking her clit too hard, or maybe a rope slipped and is pressing on a nerve. I'd feel bad if something like this happened and I didn't notice and fix it. Yes, I'm a sadist, but I also like to be in control. If you're going to be in pain, I want it to be precisely the kind of pain I choose. How else can I make sure that it's a safe and rewarding experience for everyone?

Some of these people as unskilled communicators. I'm sympathetic to them. Or society shames people who communicate openly about their sexual needs and desires. If I'm going to play (even lightly) with someone who has a hard time saying yes, I spend a lot of time emphasizing, "You can say no whenever you want, and I'll stop, and we can watch a movie instead! No hard feeling at all." I also try to praise and reward them when they bring up things they'd like to do, or if they explicitly say yes when I suggest something.

People who won't own their desires are more complicated.

Again, I'm sympathetic here. Most people are taught that they shouldn't have desires, or at least desires outside of the norm. A deliberate refusal to engage in consent-based negotiation is often a form of self-protection. It gives people a way to get their sexual needs met without having to admit to their desires. I see the appeal.

That said, if you can't admit that you want it, I'm not going to give it to you. I have to protect myself, too, and consent, open, explicit, you-can-take-it-away-at-any-time-but-you-can't-deny-that-you-gave-it consent, it protects me. "I didn't like it" and "I didn't consent to it" are really different things, and situations in which the two can be confused are extraordinarily problematic for everyone involved.

So I don't do it. Unless we have a really good working, consensual sexual relationship, where I can trust you to say no, you have to say yes.

"Yes" is sexy, too. For the sadist in me the most delicious consent comes when I have a whip held over some sensitive part of her, and I ask her to tell me that she wants it. I like being able to watch fear and desire fight behind her eyes before she gasps out, "Yes."

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

237 Reasons

Charlie Glickman has excellent post about a recent NY Times opinion piece, Why Monogamy Matters. It's thoughtful, well-reasoned, and just happens to link to one of my favorite comic strips ever. What caught my eye, however, was a little aside that David Buss, from the University of Texas, had surveyed college students and come up with 237 reasons why they might want to have sex. Charlie Glickman links to the paper, which lists more than 140 of those reasons, as well as research on which reasons are more and less common. They have everything from "I wanted to experience the physical pleasure" to "I was curious about my sexual abilities" to "I wanted to end the relationship."

Aren't humans wonderful?

Friday, March 4, 2011

Sexual Health, Planned Parenthood, and other stories

I've been sick, lately. I'm blessed with good health insurance, and a lifestyle that will allow me to take a week off to let the fever go down and my lungs clear up. I'm fortunate. I try to remember this.

I've made a few trips up to Planned Parenthood lately to get STD testing done and reproductive health things dealt with. This is what I saw. And if you haven't been paying attention, this is what the government might defund.
  • In between "Male" and "Female" on the "gender" form on their admissions questionnaires, they had "Female-to-male" and "Male-to-female." There may have been an "other" box as well. I love this - not so much because it respects gender-variant identities, but because people whose genitals might not look the way you'd expect don't have to choose between checking a patently wrong box to get their reproductive health needs met and potentially facing trans prejudice because their genitals don't look the way the nurses think they should. Also, trans people have different needs for reproductive health and sexual health care than cisgendered people. Being able to start the conversation by checking a preexisting box significantly cuts down on the awkwardness and possible danger. The organization is saying on its forms, not some out of the way corner of a website that you have to search to find, that they are trans-friendly. The staff need a certain amount of training in trans issues simply to interpret that information.
  • The only other Planned Parenthood I've been to was a full-service clinic in Manhattan, complete with bulletproof glass and metal detectors. The particular branch I went to last week doesn't do abortions (they'll refer you to the PP 20 minutes away) and so doesn't have the high security. Apparently people occasionally protest outside--because birth control and affordable pap smears are wrong!--but this place could have been a dentist's office. 
  • The requisite doctor's office question: "Check here if you are being hurt, hit, or made to feel afraid." My friend was so amused by this that he had to point it out to me. Kitten did the same thing. Neither of them checked the box. 
  • It's on paper, folks. My method of birth control is officially "lesbianism," but only because "I don't let men put their penises inside of me" didn't fit in the blank space.
  • I had Kitten come with me into the nurse's office, fearing that they would need to take a cervical swab. I'm 24, have never had a pap smear, and have serious issues with people doing things in my vagina, so I needed a hand to hold. My friend was informed that if Kitten and I were checked out at the same time, he would have to do it. I could tell that he didn't want to, but he's a good friend who loves me enough to put up with it. As it turned out, they just needed urine and blood, but Kitten came in with me for the first part anyways.
  • I am apparently incapable of answering the question, "Have you ever had sex with a man?" without help. After I flailed for a minute or two, Kitten told the nurse that I'd never had vaginal, anal, or oral sex with a man. I almost contradicted her on the anal part, but what I do to boys with fingers and dildos really wasn't relevant to that part of the exam. 
  • The nurse took a minute to check in with me after Kitten had left the room, to make sure there wasn't anything I needed to talk about that I couldn't say with my partner in the room. She was so delicate that I almost didn't realize she was doing it. It's good practice, though.
 I'm late to the table, here, but there's still time to make your voice heard. This is something worth protecting.

    Tuesday, February 22, 2011

    e[Lust] #23

    I'm thrilled that my post, Roadmaps of Consent, was chosen as one of this edition's top three posts. I've been happily reading through the posts, and there's some wonderful stuff in here. --Cat

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    ~ This Week’s Top Three Posts ~

    Roadmaps of Consent - I fucking love consent. I love safewords. I can be much more cruel, and push much harder, if I trust my partner to tell me when I go too far.

    Staying Safe - One cock, from one man, missing one condom, ultimately led to my brother’s death. And that sucks.

    Flying the Friendly Skies - One button on her sweater was undone, there was a rip in her hose, scratches on her boots, and her hair was carelessly pinned back with stray wisps of hair escaping. There was a curious flavor of soiling about her, something a bit dirty and unkempt.

    ~ Featured Post (Lilly’s Pick) ~

    Labels and my thoughts... - In the past year and a half I have gone from being someone that was lost, without identity that fit, rattling around inside myself to someone that has names for what they are.

    ~ e[lust] Editress: Dangerous Lilly

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    Friday, February 18, 2011

    Seven Sins: Envy

    Day 1 - Pride: seven great things about yourself
    Day 2 - Envy: seven things you lack and covet
    Day 3 - Wrath: seven things that piss you off
    Day 4 - Sloth: seven things you neglect to do
    Day 5 - Greed: seven worldly material desires
    Day 6 - Gluttony: seven guilty pleasures
    Day 7 - Lust: seven sex secrets

    I came back from the Fetish Flea in Providence this weekend, so this is an easy list. I still remember how most of this stuff felt in my hands....

    Hame Handle Flogger from Toolworks Chicago. This picture off their website really doesn't do it justice. The handle is a style that I see a lot in non-traditional floggers these days - it's originally a piece of horse tack. The floggers from Toolworks Chicago has decadently thick, spongy leather and great balance.

    Matching wrist and ankle cuffs from Leather By Danny. I have an eye for good leather, and Danny had some of the nicest looking gear at the Flea. Also, he's a serious contributor to the local community, and did a very nice demo of one of his newer creations for us. Kitten bought a small slapper from him, and I will talk more about him and his work when I write a proper review of it.

    Aluminum Paddle, also from Toolworks Chicago. I don't have my heart set on any one in particular. They're so pretty, and I bet they'd be agonizing. They look like knives that you can hit people with, and I'm enough of a weapons fetishist to really go for that.

    Egyptian flogger, possibly from DeTails Toys. I saw a number of things in this style at the Flea, and I want one. It seems much easier to control than a full-sized flogger, with no loss of intensity. Also, it's different, and I like different.

    A butt plug. I'm especially fond of Severin - I gave one to the Doctor back in the day and he rather appreciated. I have a few anal toys, but nothing that stays in as well as I'd like.

    I love anal play, and I rather like the idea of taking Kitten out in public with something in her butt.
    A Liberator Axis Hitachi. I masturbate with a Hitachi while lying on my stomach, often with pillows propped up under my hips. This thing was designed for people like me.

    A Gates of Hell toy. I like playing with people who have cocks. Specifically, I like to hurt, tease, trap, and frustrate people with cocks. I have a few rings and such, but this would be fun. And Kitten - who loves cock in a way I never will - likes the idea of cock cages.

    I have to to take care of my girl, don't I?

    Thursday, February 17, 2011

    Review: 5 Inch Round Lexan Paddle, 1/4"

    I bought this paddle from Hanson Paddle Werks a couple years ago, on the advice of an acquaintance. They serve a fairly niche market, but from what I've heard before and since, they are very reliable, and the quality of their products is uniformly top-notch.
    Clear paddles are tough to photograph.
    From what I recall, ordering this paddle was a fairly painless process. They ship orders in plain packaging from Hilldale Sales LLC. Nothing fancy, from what I recall, just a brown box, some packing material, and my paddle. Also, although I believe that they cut their lexan paddles to order, it came quickly.

    Material: Lexan, or polycarbonate, is clear, lightweight, and durable. Unlike cheaper acrylic, which may look similar, Lexan is nearly shatterproof. (They make bulletproof glass and motorcycle helmets with this stuff. This makes me happier than perhaps it ought to.) At this thickness, it has about the same degree of flex that you'd expect from a piece of plywood, although it won't snap the way plywood can.

    This paddle is well-made, with a professional, even shape. The edges of the paddle don't look beveled or sanded, but they aren't sharp. The handle is reasonably comfortable to grasp, and doesn't dig into the hand.

    This toy is loud, louder than I would expect. I've heard that this is true of Lexan as a material. It's not gunshot-loud, but it's noticeable louder than wood. I don't know that this is necessarily a downside, though, because paddles are loud regardless. (You want quiet and painful? Try a cane.) In certain circumstances, the extra intimidation factor could be quite powerful.

    Lexan is interesting because it stings more than a similar wooden toy would, but has a bit less thud and tends to bruise less. I rarely use it without a warmup, but even with one, it can usually make someone squirm in pretty short order. Unlike heavier toys, however, it will gradually numb the skin. This takes quite a while, but I've had it happen a few times.

    This is the first dedicated S&M toy I ever bought, and I still use it regularly. That said, I don't actually recommend it as a first toy unless you're well beyond the hand spanking phase. It can be a fairly intense toy.  If you're ready for something serious, however, one of these paddles is a great addition to and spanking/impact toy collection.

    (I didn't receive any sort of compensation for this review.)

    Wednesday, February 16, 2011

    Seven Sins - Pride

    I saw this posted in a few places and thought that it might be interesting. I've replaced "seven love secrets" with "seven sex secrets." This isn't Cosmo, and I don't have the patience to be coy.

    Day 1 - Pride: seven great things about yourself
    Day 2 - Envy: seven things you lack and covet
    Day 3 - Wrath: seven things that piss you off
    Day 4 - Sloth: seven things you neglect to do
    Day 5 - Greed: seven worldly material desires
    Day 6 - Gluttony: seven guilty pleasures
    Day 7 - Lust: seven sex secrets

    1) I'm smart. I'm very good at engaging with complicated, abstract issues, and I can be verbally adept when the mood strikes me.

    2) I'm good at touch. I don't even mean sexual touch, necessarily. I'm good at cuddling, hugging, communicating and sharing intimacy through physical contact.

    3) I'm charmingly awkward. This is big for me because I've always been awkward, and probably always will be, but translating it into something that makes me approachable and likable has been tough.

    4) I see others as people. Kitten actually claims that this is why I have so much luck with conventionally pretty 18-21 year old girls - everyone else is looking at them like objects or pieces of meat. I guess it's a question of priorities. I love boobs as much as many people who are attracted to women, but her interest in Cthulhu and crossword puzzles is much more interesting.

    5) People trust me. Maybe this is related to #4? Surprisingly often, the time when I move from "acquaintance" to "friend" with people is when they tell me the secret that only their best friends and long-term significant others know. Whatever it is, I'm honored to have been confided in by so many people.

    6) I get things done. I don't let important things slide, particularly not when other people are counting on me.

    7) I don't need approval from others. Do I need to explain this? I'm me. Take me as I am or move on.

    Wednesday, February 9, 2011


    The apartment still smells like fruit juice and alcohol; I have small bruises on my breast where a pretty new boy bit me. (I couldn't return the favor. He has something like a don't-ask-don't-tell relationship with his girlfriend, which frustrated the sadist in me.) It was a good party, and this is really my first day home in the aftermath.

    Kitten spent most of yesterday here after she got out of work, doing the reading for one of her courses and cleaning in frustration. She worries that she's taking over my space, but I spent yesterday an hour's drive from my apartment, and came home to find the evidence of the party eradicated, save for bright tissue-paper flowers and the occasionally sticky spot on the tile floor.

    It's becoming harder and harder to pretend that she doesn't live with me. When I rented this place in November, she swore that she would only stay here two nights a week, and the occasional afternoon. These days she sleeps here most nights, and when she stays at her parents' house, she arrives late at night and leaves early the next morning.

    I like it. She likes to play the domestic, cooking and cleaning. I'm often caught up in my schoolwork, or whatever project has grabbed my attention: I'll do laundry, and dishes, and take out the garbage,  but I can ignore dust until it starts threatening to overtake my books.

    She doesn't drive, so I take her where she needs to go. I like driving.

    She said, last night, that we might make better roommates than significant others, when I called her on it, she promptly stuck her foot in her mouth. (Literally.) She has a point, though. We're friends, we're lovers, we effectively live together...but I don't understand what the special magic element is that makes it a relationship. Facebook statuses?

    She wants children. I don't. We know that this will eventually require us to separate. I'm ok with this. We'll always be friends. I don't need forever.

    Neither of us do monogamy, and I suppose that I don't really understand it. She is my girl and I love her and I want her with me. That's enough, right?

    Tuesday, February 8, 2011

    Pleasurists #116

    Welcome to Pleasurists, a round-up of the adult product and sex toy reviews that came out in the last seven days. For updates and information follow our RSS Feed and Twitter.
    Did you miss Pleasurists #115? Read it all here. Do you have a review for Pleasurists #117? Be sure to read the submission guidelines and then use the submission form and submit it before Sunday February 13th @ 11:59pm Pacific.
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    Editor’s Pick
    • Pirates Pleasure Ring by The Countess
    • Ye have two choices between scribbles – the purple Maltese cross or the black skull n’ bandana. Buy one of each and turn on the saucy maids and/’r cockswains with your Cap’n At Full Mast! She’ll never turn ye away from her binnacle ever again, matey. And he’ll let you into his Poop Deck with yer mighty multi-barreled pistol! Here’s th’ best news o’all – this scabbard guard vibrates like a schooner hit by yer cannons!!!
      Note: I both love and hate this review at the same time. I adore unique reviews like this and find the pirate speak amusing and awesome, plus there’s a pirate cat picture.

    Scarlet Lotus
    On to the reviews…
    Anal Toys
    Toys for Cocks
    Lube, Massage Oil, Bath Stuff, & etc.
    Adult Books/Games
    Adult DVDs & Porn
    Sex Furniture & Position Aids

    Thursday, February 3, 2011


    The other day, the Doctor suggested that I should get myself a sjambok. I was mildly horrified. The sjambok, but it's also a weapon, one they used to use for riot control. It's probably legal without a license in New Hampshire, but so are hunting rifles.

    Does this look like the kind of thing you'd want to hit a person with?

    And yet, I'm intrigued. I play with knives. The Doctor cracks bullwhips. Either one of us could kill our partners if we weren't careful. Controlled force and a delicate touch can take these things from the realm of "brutal" to "brutally sexy."

    And I'd imagine, after some lengthy practice on inanimate objects, I might be able to give something similar to Adele Haze's lovely marks.

    Wednesday, February 2, 2011

    Review: Tantus Feeldoe

    It looks so...angelic.
    I wanted the Feeldoe to work so badly.

    It's a nice hunk of silicone, solid and purple.(On my monitor, this stock photo isn't quite the shade of mine, but it's close.) I'm not crazy about the color, but it works well enough. My Feeldoe is quite stiff - I understand that some of the very early ones were floppier, but these days Tantus produces a solid, dense Feeldoe with minimal give.

    The Feeldoe was revolutionary when it came out. To my knowledge, Tantus was the first manufacturer to take the double dildo idea and produce something that didn't look like two straight dildos glued together. (The dildo equivalent of scissoring.* It sounds like a great idea unless you actually have a vagina.) That shape - the bulb sized to fill up the wearer, joined at an angle to a more traditional phallic shape designed for in-and-out penetration - has since been replicated by Fun Factory with their Share.

    It's brilliant, really. I love the way the bulb end of the Feeldoe feels inside, me, and the way the silicone cock juts out from below my public bone. If I was having a "most comfortable to wear and pretend to have a hard-on" contest, the Feeldoe would win from everything I've tried.

    Unfortunately, I like my sex toys to be functional as well.

    Taller than a pineapple?
    See, I'm a fat chick. I have a belly. Big thighs. Wide hips. If I could get into a position with my girl where out public bones were bumping together, I could probably get a good three or four inches of silicone cock inside of her. The business end of the standard Feeldoe is barely over five inches long, after all. Maybe if we scissored just right.... But no. If I laid on my back and wore the thing, she could get an inch or two inside her. Enough to make it interesting, but not enough to hit her G-spot and get her off. And while she did it, the small movements the bulb end made inside me wasn't nearly enough to really stimulate me.

    This will not be the case with everyone. A het couple that I'm friends with own the bigger, redder, slightly longer Feeldoe More, and they enjoy it quite a bit as a double. They are both quite skinny, though. So, look at the measurements. This is not a one size fits all double dildo.

    I've tried it with the included vibe. Silicone transmits vibrations well, but this is a big hunk of dense silicone. It didn't do much for me. And the "clit ridges" don't really hit my clit. Another body shape thing, I suppose.

    So why do I still carry the Feeldoe in my toybag? The Feeldoe is hands-down the best 100% silicone toy I own for hand-held penetration. The base, where the bulb and phallus join, is extremely easy to grab - the clit ridges even add extra traction if you get a little too happy with the lube. It's also fairly easy to grab the base and thrust, which is very nice to give tired muscles a break. Also, unlike a traditionally shaped dildo, I've found it fairly easy to lie down beside my lover and thrust the dildo into her using the bulb. (With a normal dildo I usually end up sitting between her legs.) I'm a big fan of skin-to-skin contact, so this is very handy. I confess that I can't thrust with my hands and kiss her properly at the same time, but she definitely appreciates my being able to position myself for extra nipple-teasing.

    The silicone is a bit rigid at times, and if she's feeling fragile it will occasionally leave her sore. (This happens to her with real cock as well.) However, it has enough girth to satisfy her size-queen tendencies for the most part, and she loves how long and steadily I can keep up penetration.

    I love that it's 100% silicone. I'm a clean freak, and I love having toys that I can throw in boiling water for ten minutes to kill germs. Paired with a high-quality water-based lube, it has provided me with many hours of enjoyment.

    Flogger on wall optional.
    BONUS: Unlike most dildos on the market, the Feeldoe has a wide "base" between the bulb part and the phallus part. This makes it fairly easy to tie to the tops of furniture or limbs. (I tied it to the top of my foot and fucked my girl with it while she sat on the floor at my feet. I didn't have the leg muscles to get her off, but it makes me want to take up swimming again in an effort to strengthen them.) The angle isn't ideal for mounting it on a thigh (you'd be better off getting a thigh harness and standard dildo for that) but it might be useful for people who are mobility-impaired or have trouble gripping regular dildos.

    It's actually much more secure than this picture makes it look.


    Toys in Babeland


    Water-based lube, such as Liquid Silk


    A strap-on harness (just make sure it can accommodate double dildos!)
    A bandanna, washable scarf, or thick, soft rope

    *I've tried scissoring. I think that we were fully clothed on the living room floor, and one of the girls watching us laughed for about ten minutes straight.

    Tuesday, February 1, 2011

    Why talk about pleasure instead of sex?

    According to some very narrow definitions, I'm technically a virgin.

    This seems almost impossible to me at times. Snuggling in bed with a partner, after several hours of touch and toys, and a dozen orgasms between the two of us, I don't feel especially virginal. Walking out into the crisp fall air after some enjoyable penetrative sex with a heterosexual man, I don't find myself thinking, well, at least I didn't put his penis in my vagina. It would be silly.

    I've more dirty, filthy, non-procreative sexual contact, with people of a variety of genders, than many promiscuous heterosexuals. Calling me a virgin would be hilarious. But virgin = person who hasn't had sex. So I must have had sex somewhere along the line, right?

    Somewhere, Kitten has a list of all the people she's had sex with. For men, that means penis-in-vagina only. But for other women she uses a different standard. And some sex acts that "count" with women don't count with men. It works for her, but it doesn't make sense for me.

    This is my policy:

    I'm not concerned with what is and isn't sex. I don't really think it matters.

    Do things that feel good. Don't do things that feel bad. This can be complicated when we get into BDSM, but in shorthand: if it hurts but you love it, it's probably good. If you feel betrayed or bad about yourself the next day, it's probably bad.

    Don't do things to people that make them feel bad.

    Don't let people do things to you that feel bad. Your responsibility here is to revoke consent. If you don't consent and someone does something to you anyways, that obviously isn't your fault. And they are probably bad people.

    Take initiative in your own pleasure. Masturbate. Learn what feels good. Listen to your fantasies. On the other hand, don't live in your fantasies: learn what makes you happy in the real world.

    Tuesday, January 25, 2011

    Roadmaps of Consent

    Hi, my name is Cat. I'm a consent junkie.

    I am very, very dogmatic about consent. I believe that anyone has a right to withdraw consent to anything at any time and for any reason. I fucking love consent. I love safewords. I can be much more cruel, and push much harder, if I trust my partner to tell me when I go too far. I don't want to damage anyone, but I love being able to ride the edge of limits.

    The process of getting consent is scary to people, or seems like a legal negotiation. It doesn't have to be either. So I'm going to talk about actual, real-life situation in which I've sought consent, or consent has been asked of me. If you'd like more ideas, or a general primer on consent in general, this Sex Talk Comic is funny, engaging, and very helpful.

    Situation One: Consent in the Moment

    I'm at Kitten's house. She's naked, I'm topless, and there are a few friends around in various states of undress. He ex-boyfriend and close friend, Dick, turns to me, and makes a polite gesture towards my breasts.

    Dick: May I? Kitten seems very fond of them.
    Me: Sure, go ahead.
    Dick squeezes them a few times. I am bemused.
    Dick: Very nice, thank you.
    Me: My pleasure.
    Kitten: That was surreal.

    Situation Two: Getting Rejected

    Kitten is on her bed, naked. Dick and I are both playing with her nipples. Dick leans forward, offering to kiss me.
    Dick: Cat?
    Me: Oh, I don't kiss men. Nothing personal.
    Dick: Okay, then.
    We return to teasing Kitten. Later, before he leaves, I give Dick a hug.

    Friday, January 21, 2011

    A Mission Statement, of Sorts

    We don't talk about sex enough.

    Sure, we talk about things related to sex. The clothes, the shoes, the makeup, the diets. The gym routines and late-night workout infomercials, designed to make us more attractive to the opposite sex. If you don't like the opposite sex? That's not even important. Your value as a woman is defined by how much men want to have sex with you, and how few men actually have. Your value as a man is defined by how many sexual conquests you can snare and then leave.

    We watch porn. Most of it isn't very good porn (I think everyone knows this) but that often isn't the point. It's forbidden and novel, but yet safe. won't question your sexuality - or imply that it's a problem if your sexuality is something other than "firmly heterosexual." won't ask you for a divorce because you want to hit a woman, or imply that you're less of a man because you want one of them to hit you. Porn is risk-free. But risk is a necessary condition of human relationships, essential to trust, essential to bonding.

    Look: I consume porn. I like porn. But there is nothing in the porn I watch that I wouldn't do in a heartbeat. Porn is like masturbation for me, or alone time with a book: it's enjoyable, but I wouldn't want it to stand in for another aspect of my sexuality or social/romantic life. And porn, whether you like it or not, isn't like sex in real life, any more than going on a date in real life is like a Hollywood romantic comedy.

    There is a lot of good sex information out there, if you know where to look. Research has been done. Articles have been written. And there's a lot of porn out there. (See: erotica. See: explicit romance novels. See: Cosmo, with its unrealistic beauty standards and often-terrible sex advice.) What we lack is conversation. In real life, people generally don't talk about the sex they've had. Online or in print, "real life" stories about sex are likely to be fabricated, if not completely airbrushed out.

    I am not qualified to be a sex educator. One day, perhaps? But I do have sex. (And I define "sex" really goddamn broadly.) I can put out data points. I like this. I don't like this. This works for me and my relationship. This doesn't. In my own little way, I can be part of a conversation that most people aren't having. I think that's worthwhile on its own.