Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Review: Tantus Feeldoe

It looks so...angelic.
I wanted the Feeldoe to work so badly.

It's a nice hunk of silicone, solid and purple.(On my monitor, this stock photo isn't quite the shade of mine, but it's close.) I'm not crazy about the color, but it works well enough. My Feeldoe is quite stiff - I understand that some of the very early ones were floppier, but these days Tantus produces a solid, dense Feeldoe with minimal give.

The Feeldoe was revolutionary when it came out. To my knowledge, Tantus was the first manufacturer to take the double dildo idea and produce something that didn't look like two straight dildos glued together. (The dildo equivalent of scissoring.* It sounds like a great idea unless you actually have a vagina.) That shape - the bulb sized to fill up the wearer, joined at an angle to a more traditional phallic shape designed for in-and-out penetration - has since been replicated by Fun Factory with their Share.

It's brilliant, really. I love the way the bulb end of the Feeldoe feels inside, me, and the way the silicone cock juts out from below my public bone. If I was having a "most comfortable to wear and pretend to have a hard-on" contest, the Feeldoe would win from everything I've tried.

Unfortunately, I like my sex toys to be functional as well.

Taller than a pineapple?
See, I'm a fat chick. I have a belly. Big thighs. Wide hips. If I could get into a position with my girl where out public bones were bumping together, I could probably get a good three or four inches of silicone cock inside of her. The business end of the standard Feeldoe is barely over five inches long, after all. Maybe if we scissored just right.... But no. If I laid on my back and wore the thing, she could get an inch or two inside her. Enough to make it interesting, but not enough to hit her G-spot and get her off. And while she did it, the small movements the bulb end made inside me wasn't nearly enough to really stimulate me.

This will not be the case with everyone. A het couple that I'm friends with own the bigger, redder, slightly longer Feeldoe More, and they enjoy it quite a bit as a double. They are both quite skinny, though. So, look at the measurements. This is not a one size fits all double dildo.

I've tried it with the included vibe. Silicone transmits vibrations well, but this is a big hunk of dense silicone. It didn't do much for me. And the "clit ridges" don't really hit my clit. Another body shape thing, I suppose.

So why do I still carry the Feeldoe in my toybag? The Feeldoe is hands-down the best 100% silicone toy I own for hand-held penetration. The base, where the bulb and phallus join, is extremely easy to grab - the clit ridges even add extra traction if you get a little too happy with the lube. It's also fairly easy to grab the base and thrust, which is very nice to give tired muscles a break. Also, unlike a traditionally shaped dildo, I've found it fairly easy to lie down beside my lover and thrust the dildo into her using the bulb. (With a normal dildo I usually end up sitting between her legs.) I'm a big fan of skin-to-skin contact, so this is very handy. I confess that I can't thrust with my hands and kiss her properly at the same time, but she definitely appreciates my being able to position myself for extra nipple-teasing.

The silicone is a bit rigid at times, and if she's feeling fragile it will occasionally leave her sore. (This happens to her with real cock as well.) However, it has enough girth to satisfy her size-queen tendencies for the most part, and she loves how long and steadily I can keep up penetration.

I love that it's 100% silicone. I'm a clean freak, and I love having toys that I can throw in boiling water for ten minutes to kill germs. Paired with a high-quality water-based lube, it has provided me with many hours of enjoyment.

Flogger on wall optional.
BONUS: Unlike most dildos on the market, the Feeldoe has a wide "base" between the bulb part and the phallus part. This makes it fairly easy to tie to the tops of furniture or limbs. (I tied it to the top of my foot and fucked my girl with it while she sat on the floor at my feet. I didn't have the leg muscles to get her off, but it makes me want to take up swimming again in an effort to strengthen them.) The angle isn't ideal for mounting it on a thigh (you'd be better off getting a thigh harness and standard dildo for that) but it might be useful for people who are mobility-impaired or have trouble gripping regular dildos.

It's actually much more secure than this picture makes it look.


Toys in Babeland


Water-based lube, such as Liquid Silk


A strap-on harness (just make sure it can accommodate double dildos!)
A bandanna, washable scarf, or thick, soft rope

*I've tried scissoring. I think that we were fully clothed on the living room floor, and one of the girls watching us laughed for about ten minutes straight.

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