Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Seven Sins - Pride

I saw this posted in a few places and thought that it might be interesting. I've replaced "seven love secrets" with "seven sex secrets." This isn't Cosmo, and I don't have the patience to be coy.

Day 1 - Pride: seven great things about yourself
Day 2 - Envy: seven things you lack and covet
Day 3 - Wrath: seven things that piss you off
Day 4 - Sloth: seven things you neglect to do
Day 5 - Greed: seven worldly material desires
Day 6 - Gluttony: seven guilty pleasures
Day 7 - Lust: seven sex secrets

1) I'm smart. I'm very good at engaging with complicated, abstract issues, and I can be verbally adept when the mood strikes me.

2) I'm good at touch. I don't even mean sexual touch, necessarily. I'm good at cuddling, hugging, communicating and sharing intimacy through physical contact.

3) I'm charmingly awkward. This is big for me because I've always been awkward, and probably always will be, but translating it into something that makes me approachable and likable has been tough.

4) I see others as people. Kitten actually claims that this is why I have so much luck with conventionally pretty 18-21 year old girls - everyone else is looking at them like objects or pieces of meat. I guess it's a question of priorities. I love boobs as much as many people who are attracted to women, but her interest in Cthulhu and crossword puzzles is much more interesting.

5) People trust me. Maybe this is related to #4? Surprisingly often, the time when I move from "acquaintance" to "friend" with people is when they tell me the secret that only their best friends and long-term significant others know. Whatever it is, I'm honored to have been confided in by so many people.

6) I get things done. I don't let important things slide, particularly not when other people are counting on me.

7) I don't need approval from others. Do I need to explain this? I'm me. Take me as I am or move on.

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