Thursday, February 17, 2011

Review: 5 Inch Round Lexan Paddle, 1/4"

I bought this paddle from Hanson Paddle Werks a couple years ago, on the advice of an acquaintance. They serve a fairly niche market, but from what I've heard before and since, they are very reliable, and the quality of their products is uniformly top-notch.
Clear paddles are tough to photograph.
From what I recall, ordering this paddle was a fairly painless process. They ship orders in plain packaging from Hilldale Sales LLC. Nothing fancy, from what I recall, just a brown box, some packing material, and my paddle. Also, although I believe that they cut their lexan paddles to order, it came quickly.

Material: Lexan, or polycarbonate, is clear, lightweight, and durable. Unlike cheaper acrylic, which may look similar, Lexan is nearly shatterproof. (They make bulletproof glass and motorcycle helmets with this stuff. This makes me happier than perhaps it ought to.) At this thickness, it has about the same degree of flex that you'd expect from a piece of plywood, although it won't snap the way plywood can.

This paddle is well-made, with a professional, even shape. The edges of the paddle don't look beveled or sanded, but they aren't sharp. The handle is reasonably comfortable to grasp, and doesn't dig into the hand.

This toy is loud, louder than I would expect. I've heard that this is true of Lexan as a material. It's not gunshot-loud, but it's noticeable louder than wood. I don't know that this is necessarily a downside, though, because paddles are loud regardless. (You want quiet and painful? Try a cane.) In certain circumstances, the extra intimidation factor could be quite powerful.

Lexan is interesting because it stings more than a similar wooden toy would, but has a bit less thud and tends to bruise less. I rarely use it without a warmup, but even with one, it can usually make someone squirm in pretty short order. Unlike heavier toys, however, it will gradually numb the skin. This takes quite a while, but I've had it happen a few times.

This is the first dedicated S&M toy I ever bought, and I still use it regularly. That said, I don't actually recommend it as a first toy unless you're well beyond the hand spanking phase. It can be a fairly intense toy.  If you're ready for something serious, however, one of these paddles is a great addition to and spanking/impact toy collection.

(I didn't receive any sort of compensation for this review.)


  1. Wow, a Lexan paddle. That's a new one. I love toys which are loud as well as hurty. You've given me something new to covet, thanks!

  2. At the Fetish Flea in RI, there were at least 50 vendors, and I only saw one lexan paddle, shoved in a corner under some floggers. I don't know why lexan is so rarely used in BDSM - other non-traditional materials like rubber, delrin, nylon, and whatever Evil Sticks are made of (carbon?) seem to be pretty popular.

    I like it, personally.