Friday, February 18, 2011

Seven Sins: Envy

Day 1 - Pride: seven great things about yourself
Day 2 - Envy: seven things you lack and covet
Day 3 - Wrath: seven things that piss you off
Day 4 - Sloth: seven things you neglect to do
Day 5 - Greed: seven worldly material desires
Day 6 - Gluttony: seven guilty pleasures
Day 7 - Lust: seven sex secrets

I came back from the Fetish Flea in Providence this weekend, so this is an easy list. I still remember how most of this stuff felt in my hands....

Hame Handle Flogger from Toolworks Chicago. This picture off their website really doesn't do it justice. The handle is a style that I see a lot in non-traditional floggers these days - it's originally a piece of horse tack. The floggers from Toolworks Chicago has decadently thick, spongy leather and great balance.

Matching wrist and ankle cuffs from Leather By Danny. I have an eye for good leather, and Danny had some of the nicest looking gear at the Flea. Also, he's a serious contributor to the local community, and did a very nice demo of one of his newer creations for us. Kitten bought a small slapper from him, and I will talk more about him and his work when I write a proper review of it.

Aluminum Paddle, also from Toolworks Chicago. I don't have my heart set on any one in particular. They're so pretty, and I bet they'd be agonizing. They look like knives that you can hit people with, and I'm enough of a weapons fetishist to really go for that.

Egyptian flogger, possibly from DeTails Toys. I saw a number of things in this style at the Flea, and I want one. It seems much easier to control than a full-sized flogger, with no loss of intensity. Also, it's different, and I like different.

A butt plug. I'm especially fond of Severin - I gave one to the Doctor back in the day and he rather appreciated. I have a few anal toys, but nothing that stays in as well as I'd like.

I love anal play, and I rather like the idea of taking Kitten out in public with something in her butt.
A Liberator Axis Hitachi. I masturbate with a Hitachi while lying on my stomach, often with pillows propped up under my hips. This thing was designed for people like me.

A Gates of Hell toy. I like playing with people who have cocks. Specifically, I like to hurt, tease, trap, and frustrate people with cocks. I have a few rings and such, but this would be fun. And Kitten - who loves cock in a way I never will - likes the idea of cock cages.

I have to to take care of my girl, don't I?

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